Priscilla Fletcher #mysalvationstory
on November 17th, 2020
My name is Priscilla Fletcher and this is #mysalvationstory. When I was 8 years old, I started going to church with my best friend and her family. I would go with them every Sunday, and when I was 11 years old I went forward during an alter call and asked the Lord to come into my heart. If I'm honest, I really didn’t fully understand what I had just done, and I went about my life doing things kids...  Read More
Robin Scott #mysalvationstory
on November 16th, 2020
My name is Robin Scott and this is #mysalvationstory.My family is Louisiana Creole which means I grew up going to a Catholic church. I always felt there was more to God than what I experienced each Sunday. I wanted to know Him in a deeper way. In high school, I became less interested in going to the church I was accustomed to. One day during my senior year of high school my boyfriend at the time (...  Read More
Dan Worrell #mysalvationstory
on November 11th, 2020
My name is Dan Worrell and this is #mysalvationstory. I was raised going to church with my parents and siblings and started learning Bible stories at an early age. When I was in the 3rd grade, my heart and mind began looking at Jesus differently. I asked my parents questions like "What happens to us when we die?" "What does it mean that Jesus died for me?" "What is sin?" One evening my mom and dad...  Read More
Karen Stamps #mysalvationstory
on November 3rd, 2020
My name is Karen Stamps and this is #mysalvationstory.   Read More
HNW COVID-19 Update!
on October 26th, 2020
Important reminders for this week...  Read More
What Love Looks Like
on September 30th, 2020
What Love Looks LikeLast weekend, a group of our city’s homeless enjoyed a hot meal and a shower, had their clothes laundered, selected new clothes, and received a Bible and prayer as HNW volunteers partnered with Mission Centers of Houston for their first "Bless the Homeless" event.Lauren Williams, one of the HNW team members said that not only did she learn a lot, but she left humbled and encour...  Read More