Join a Life Group

Life is better together!

We believe everyone is designed to live in abiding friendships. In our crazy, busy world, people often feel alone and disconnected from one another. At HNW we not only want people to gather for worship, or connect and learn in a Bible study, we also want everyone to find deep community in the context of a Life Group. Groups provide opportunities to be known and loved, encouraged and held accountable through life's many changing stages and seasons. No matter who you are, there is a Life Group for you.

Love and Grow

Life Groups provide a way for people to forge deeper friendships and grow in their relationship with God. This smaller, discussion-based environment encourages people to be deeply known, loved, and challenged to live out the teachings of Jesus.

Time: Sunday mornings and throughout the week
Where: On and off campus
Purpose: Intimacy and transformation
Size: 8-16
As we step into a new year, we recognize the importance of health -- not only physical, but emotional and spiritual health. The last few years have taken a toll, people are weary, and we want to help. Beginning in February, our Life Groups will spend time focused on emotional health, seeking to allow God to bring healing and wholeness to weary souls. We invite you to join a group, start a group, or attend your existing group as together we pursue an emotionally healthy life.

We also have Bible studies!

Bible studies are a great place to grow in your understanding of scripture. This classroom environment is an easy way to connect with people in a large group setting as you learn from God’s Word together.

Time: Sunday mornings and throughout the week
Where: On campus
Purpose: Connection and education
Size: 30-50

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