What is Baptism?

Baptism is a symbol of your decision to follow Jesus — a public proclamation of your faith. Salvation does not come from baptism. Salvation only comes from placing your faith in Jesus. When you are baptized, it is a beautiful picture of His death, burial, and resurrection and how you have placed your faith in Jesus alone.

Baptism is an important part of our DNA at HNW, and a few times throughout the year, we offer a special Sunday to encourage those who haven't taken this next step in their faith journey the opportunity to do just that! If you're ready to declare your faith in Jesus through baptism, let us know by filling out the form below!

Sign up to be baptized on Baptism Sunday! A baptism class will be held on April 7 at 9 AM for kids, students, and adults who want to attend. Kids and students are required to attend the class before baptism.
Baptism Sunday is such a great way to serve! From walking people through the process start to finish, to handing out towels and more!

Next Steps for Baptism

Kids & Students are required to attend a baptism class before getting baptized. If you're an adult but would like to attend the class prior to getting baptized just indicate your interest in the class on the "Sign up to get Baptized" form!