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What I Saw in Dallas: A Report From the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention

Image: Shutterstock. First things first: Southern Baptists aren’t like other denominations. The most significant distinction is the nature of voluntary cooperation. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) does not have a (official) hierarchy. Heck, the SBC isn’t even really a denomination — at least not in the Mainline Protestant sense. Each SBC church owns its own property. Each SBC church controls its individual church practices…

The Painful, Stinky Truth About Growth: Lessons From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey — Image Courtesy of I won’t sugar coat it. 2017 was hard. But I can’t lie. I — and our church — grew in 2017. I’m not talking numerical growth. I’m talking spiritual growth. So what happened? On August 25, Hurricane Harvey hit our city and our church. Even now, four months after the fact, I struggle to find…

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