Read the Bible

Bible Reading Plans

Experts believe that daily Bible reading is the number one factor in spiritual growth and development. With that in mind, we want to see you engaged in a daily relationship with God through His Word. Here are two options to consider: one if you're just getting started and one for a long-term reading plan.

Getting Started: Gospel of Matthew

Who was Jesus to those who knew Him and lived alongside Him? Join us for this 4-week study, "Matthew: This Is Jesus."

Bible in a Year

This plan takes you through the entire Bible with two readings each day: one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.

Check out He Reads Truth and She Reads Truth to join in ongoing Bible reading plans.

Tips for Reading Your Bible

(1) Read a little bit at a time.
(2) Don’t try to read from start to finish.
(3) Understand the type of writing. If it’s poetry, don’t try to read massive amounts. Combine it with stories that read faster.
(4) Start with an easy-to-read translation like the NLT or ESV.
(5) Join one of HNW's reading plans (offered several times a year) or find a reading plan online and follow it.

Read Scripture App

We want to read scripture together, but we also want to encourage you to read on your own. The Read Scripture app makes it easy to spend more time getting to know Jesus.

Sample Devotional Plan

1. Read Scripture
Use a translation of the Bible that you can understand. Houston Northwest Church uses the ESV.

2. Reflect and Meditate
Contemplation is a good discipline to help you discern what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you through the Scripture.

  • Picture it! Visualize the scene in your mind.
  • Pronounce it! Say the verse aloud, each time emphasizing a different word.
  • Paraphrase it! Rewrite the verse in your own words.
  • Personalize it! Replace the pronouns or people with your own name.
  • Pray it! Turn the verse into a prayer and say it back to God.

3. Respond and Concede
Acknowledge what God has shown you and obediently reply to him. Has God revealed:

  • Sin to forsake?
  • Promise to claim?
  • Attitude to change?
  • Command to obey?
  • Example to follow?
  • Prayer to pray?
  • Error to avoid?
  • Truth to believe?
  • Something to thank God for?

4. Request and Share
Talk with God about your personal needs and petitions for others.

Verse of the Day

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible

"There are two things that make this Book different from all other religious texts. Jesus and Grace."

~Steve Bezner