Ministry Partner Spotlight: New Life Adoptions

In the United States alone, 50% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. For 48%, the decision is made for parenting or allowing a family member to raise the child. Only 2% of unplanned pregnancies end in adoption.

New Life Adoptions, one of Houston Northwest Church's ministry partners, exists to come alongside a life that has been shattered by the news of an unplanned pregnancy to offer hope, to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and to help clients make the best decisions for themselves and their children.

New Life provides counseling and help to connect women to support such as housing and medical care. They provide biblical counseling, pre-natal vitamins, and practical needs, such as food and gas. They prepare women for the future as they help them make the best life-affirming plans for themselves and their child.

New Life Adoptions began in 1983 as New Life Children’s Services. New Life was birthed from the heart of the late A.B. "Bo" Henderson, former associate pastor of Houston Northwest Baptist Church, as he counseled with women in crisis pregnancies. He began the difficult and tedious process of licensing the ministry with the State of Texas in 1983 under the banner of the church. In fact, New Life became the FIRST adoption agency licensed under a church in Texas. Today, New Life Adoptions and Houston Northwest Church are separate entities; however, the church continues to support New Life in many ways.

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In August 2020, New Life celebrated their 500th placement!"