My Pandemic Life

My Pandemic Life

I have the honor of being the Director of Counseling at Houston Northwest Church. As I write this we are on day 68 of being at home as a family. During those 68 days, there have been ups and downs, lessons and growing pains. We have two teenage boys who have been distance learning through Tomball ISD. That has actually been smoother than we ever thought it would be! They have been very responsible for getting their work done, with a couple of hiccups, but overall I have been so proud of them. They finish up the school year this week. My husband and I have been doing a combination of working from home and going into our respective offices when needed.

During this unique time of physical isolation, God has really been showing me and my husband the need to step it up when it comes to the spiritual growth and discipleship of our boys. We can’t rely on the church to be the main tool of growth for them. It’s also highlighted the need to be purposeful and intentional about their walk with the LORD. Being cut off from the physical church and having two kids who don’t really connect with the online format has spotlighted our past reliance on the church to disciple our kids. We have been much more intentional about conversations and lessons to aid their spiritual maturity.

Our dog has been on more walks in the last two and a half months than throughout her entire life! She walks right into the backyard when we get home and soaks her feet in the pool. I think she’s ready for all of us to go back to work and school. God continues to bless our family with good health. We are so looking forward to being back together with our church family soon. I never dreamed I would be part of a church family that I would miss so much!

What has God been showing YOU during your pandemic life? We’d love to hear about it! Email [email protected].

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