Meet Velvet Phillips

HNW member Velvet Phillips works in the lumber industry and manages a radio station in New Mexico. The latter, she wasn’t expecting.

“Every Christian is called, but you don’t know exactly how the Lord’s going to play it out in your life,” she said.

When her dad got sick, Velvet acquired a radio station earlier this year that he was in the process of buying.

“I tried to sell the radio station; I tried to give it away, and that never worked out for me,” she said. “So I go back to the essentials of, ‘My life is the Lord’s. Everything I have is the Lord’s; everything I have is to be used for the Lord and His purpose and his glory and his honor, so that being the case, why would this be any different?'”

The station, now called Crossroads Christian Radio, did not previously play Christian music, Velvet said.

“My first thought was, ‘Well, if I’m going to have to run this thing, and not get paid, then I’m definitely in it for the Lord; it ain’t going to be for anybody else,'” she said. “We’ve all been given different resources, times, talents, but every single thing you’re supposed to use for the Lord … whatever the Lord gives you, you are very intentional and you make it for the Lord, about the Lord.”

She said the station is in its infant stages, and taking ownership of and organizing leadership for the station has been a challenge. However, she said she knows the Lord has a plan for it all.

“The Lord knows what He’s doing. I kind of view it as a puzzle. I’m just a small little piece. There’ll be a lot more pieces after me, and there were pieces before me,” she said. “I’m just trying to use what God has given me for his glory and honor.”

Listen to Crossroads Christian Radio on the AM and FM dial in New Mexico or at

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