What is domain engagement? Meet Robert Udoh

HNW member Robert Udoh said to practice domain engagement is simply to go share the gospel. For many, one domain to share the gospel might be a workplace.

“[Since I’m] a realtor my domain is different; it’s everyone essentially. I don’t have to go to one specific place,” Udoh said. “If you [live according to the Word of God] and you’re obedient, you will engage your [domain]. It’s not like you turn it on. Your whole life engages the environment.”

Taking the Word of God seriously and knowing the Scriptures is important to domain engagement, he said.

“Prayer is the first step [to domain engagement], and after prayer, obedience,” Udoh said. “The Scriptures say ‘Let the Word of God dwell richly in you,’ and then when you get poked and you go through a circumstance, you will see the Word of God come out.”

Udoh, a member of Gideons International—an association of Christian businessmen and professionals dedicated to sharing the gospel—said he is always ready to share the plan of salvation and always carries a Bible in his back pocket to give to others.

But Udoh said sharing the gospel is not one-size-fits-all, and he encourages people to share the gospel with those to whom the Lord leads them.

“I share my faith, but I’m not responsible for the results,” he said. “Every attempt to share the gospel is a successful attempt.” Do you know Jesus? If you’ve never placed your faith in Him or have questions about following Him, we’d love to visit with you. Call us at 281.469.3389 or stop by the Connection Center after the service on Sunday morning.