It's Been Rewarding to Serve

by Mike Sandel

We've been having "church" on Thursdays at HNW! No chairs, no air conditioning, and no preaching -- but church has happened all the same as volunteers have gathered to distribute 1,000 boxes of food each week to those who need it in our community.

While the world is divided over race, political issues, etc., HNW has been given the opportunity to come together. Uniformed with masks, we have been working elbow-to-elbow, showing our community that Jesus loves Houston - and #WeLoveHou, too! Lives in the community have been touched by the caring shown by members of HNW.

It’s been rewarding to serve and get to know other members of HNW at the same time. I see an active people focused on Jesus, putting their faith to work. I'm so thankful God made it possible for me to take part in this outreach, and I encourage everyone to step out and serve -- and watch Jesus shine!

There are many opportunities to Serve on a Team at HNW. From online or campus hosting to kids/student ministry to worship arts and medical... how will you use YOUR gifts and talents to bless others?