What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like

Last weekend, a group of our city’s homeless enjoyed a hot meal and a shower, had their clothes laundered, selected new clothes, and received a Bible and prayer as HNW volunteers partnered with Mission Centers of Houston for their first "Bless the Homeless" event.

Lauren Williams, one of the HNW team members said that not only did she learn a lot, but she left humbled and encouraged.
"I was humbled by the gratitude of the men and women who were thankful for the opportunity to take a shower and wash their clothes and in the prayer requests of two men I had the opportunity to pray with as they sought God for jobs and for family.

I was encouraged by the love of Jesus that was evident in the staff as they shared about the ministry, the culture of those they serve, and their own personal stories of serving in the ministry. I was able to learn much and it was a blessing to meet others doing Kingdom work in a different part of the city.

I was [also] reminded that showing the love of Jesus will look different with each person and community. For those in the community near Gano Street, love looks like a shower, clean clothes, and a hot meal, and I was encouraged to find simple ways to show love in my own community."
Cheryl Chadwick, the Center’s Director of Global Footprints, Kids and Volunteer Ministries said they were able to serve 27 homeless people with the help of HNW’s 16 volunteers and the use of the shower/laundry trailer. Volunteers also prepared bags of groceries for the upcoming weeks' food distribution. Chadwick said, "This event could have never been held without your generosity. To God be the glory!"

Are you interested in serving our community? Check out upcoming opportunities at HNW.org/missions.