A New Smile for Faith

HNW member Victoria Azubuike served as a Global Reach medical team member this past March on a mission trip to Kajiado, Kenya. On the final day of the trip while touring a medical clinic, she was introduced to a woman named Faith.

Victoria said, "I saw that her teeth were progressively decaying and she was unable to eat properly. She would not smile, and this was affecting her self esteem and overall well being according to the medical practitioner." Victoria involved Chris Hall, the mission team leader, who assured her that HNW could help.

HNW connected a dentist in Kenya with HNW member - and dentist - Chad Lagaly. Together they worked out a treatment plan. Due to the generosity of HNW church members, we were able to provide Faith with a partial set of dentures for her affected teeth. Treatment was delayed due to COVID-19 shutdowns in the country, but now... Faith has a brand new smile! She said, "I take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done to me. Thanks for much. May the Lord bless you so much.”

Stories like this are made possible as Kingdom-minded professionals collaborate globally. You can be a part of future stories through global engagement - virtually, for now - and through your generosity. For more information, contact Associate Missions Pastor Chris Hall.