Our Pandemic Life!

Our Pandemic Life!

We’ve been enjoying time together during “pandemic life” — walking, running and biking outdoors. Our sunny Houston weather has been amazing! Rylan and I routinely go on Costco dates each week. But we’ve also each been working on our own projects that are transforming us into unique individuals.

Rylan (HNW’s Student Pastor) continues to lead students in their virtual ministry and only has slowed down a bit. He’s consistently busy with Zoom calls, online Bible studies, and planning online summer camp.

Robin (that’s me! HNW’s Missions Associate) continues to work in missions serving the community in various ways. I’m currently finishing up my last class for my master’s degree in Theological and Cultural Anthropology and plan on starting research for my thesis in the upcoming weeks.

Raylan (our son) just finished 5th grade and is looking forward to middle school and Student Ministry (with his dad!). He has started skateboarding and has gotten really good in such a short time. He also started wearing glasses! (So many changes!)

We are uncertain what our world and country will look like the rest of the year or even next year. But we are trusting the Sovereignty of our Lord, the Great King, who is still on the throne and in control.

Do you have a story to share? Has God been teaching you something during your pandemic life? Share with us! Send your story to communications@HNW.org.