Concerned With What Others Might Think

I was a prideful 10 year old, and it caused me to feel guilty for years.

My pastor preached a compelling sermon that day, and I knew my next step of obedience as a young believer was baptism. But after church, around the lunch table, I learned I wasn't the only one convicted. So were my dad and two of my siblings. So I kept quiet, not wanting my desire for baptism to seem like a copycat response. I knew God had spoken to me that day, but I decided to ignore it.

Throughout my teen years, I felt guilty every time baptism came up. I knew in my heart I was being disobedient. But the more years that passed, the more embarrassed I became. I was a leader in our youth group. If I was baptized now, people might think I had been faking my salvation all these years! Pride can make simple things difficult.

I was 18 when my boyfriend prayed to receive Christ. He immediately wanted to be baptized, and I knew it was time for me to swallow my pride and get baptized as well. Our church didn't have a baptistry, so we all gathered at someone's home and the two of us were baptized in their backyard pool. It was liberating. I knew I had FINALLY stepped out in obedience and identified publicly as a Christ-follower.

I've met people along the way who have been believers for years yet have never followed the Lord in baptism. Many struggle in the same way I did, concerned with what others might think.

I've come to understand that when we're obedient to what God asks of us, three things happen. First, God receives glory. Second, we walk in freedom. Third, other people are encouraged.

Is it time for YOU to be baptized? If you have trusted in Jesus as your Savior - recently or years ago - your baptism becomes a public testimony of the work God has done in your heart. It's never too late to be obedient. Click here to schedule your baptism.

~Karen Stamps