A Jehovah's Witness Finds Jesus

I grew up in Canada as a Jehovah's Witness. Life wasn't easy.

I was a child so full of fear, anxiety, and deep sadness. No matter how many hours I went door to door preaching, no matter how many magazines I gave out, no matter what I did, I felt it was never enough, that no amount of my feeble efforts or works was ever enough for me to know I had God's favor and would be spared through Armageddon. Through the years I grew to hate myself. I was a waste of breath, the object in everyone's way. I couldn't do anything right and couldn't be normal like everyone else.

Yet through it all, I couldn't deny God constantly telling me He truly did have plans for me and that it would be different someday. I just couldn't fathom how or why, and I felt time was running out for me.

Until one day, I was 24 at the time, a Christian, a stranger in Texas, reached out to me through social media. I thought this was God's last mission for me to convert this person to my religion. How very wrong I was.

Thus began an unexpected journey of seeing Christ in a whole new light. After a while I told my family and elders that I was no longer part of the JW organization, and I moved out of my home.

I held back from being baptized at the local church as I thought I had to find the true religion first. I soon moved from Canada to Texas to marry the Christian, the one who reached out to me from the start, as I couldn't deny I truly loved him.

When I started going to his church, still confused about religion, the preacher's sermons kept pointing to Jesus as the salvation over and over again. That's when I started to realize the answer I was searching for all along was always in Jesus and the death He died for all mankind. We are saved not by our own works, but by faith in Him. I soon got baptized and since then have grown more and more in love and faith in God. Depression doesn't drown me as it once did. God's promise did come true for me as His plans for me unfolded. It is a never-ending beautiful journey as I draw close to Him.

If you have questions about knowing Jesus, I'd love to have that conversation. My name is Brittany Cover and this is #mysalvationstory.