Karen Stamps #mysalvationstory


My name is Karen Stamps and this is #mysalvationstory. I grew up in a Christian home and my parents took me to church several times each week. One Sunday I came home from children’s church knowing that I needed and wanted Jesus to live in my heart. Even at the very young age of five, I understood that my disobedience was sin. Sin separated me from God, and Jesus came to fix my sin problem. So in our living room that day I asked God to forgive me from my sin and to come into my life. As I grew older, I developed a legalistic view of the Christian life. Yes, I was saved, but I lived and thought as though the more “right” and “good” I did, the more I would find favor with the Lord. While this view kept me out of trouble and led to a life of “clean living,” it lacked the element of grace – for both myself and others – that is key to the Christian life. It wasn’t until my early 30s that my eyes were opened to the freedom that was mine as a child of God. God used a pastor at Houston Northwest Church, Dr. Tom King, to remind me that Christ’s death covered my past, present and future sin. I was not under condemnation. Nothing I did would make Him love me any less or any more. I still struggle at times with wanting to follow a list of rules, but God reminds me that He just wants me to love Him and that my journey is covered in grace. So is yours.

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