My Salvation Story

We want you to share your salvation story!

We encourage you to use your social media influence to tell your network about how you came to know Jesus. Following are simple instructions plus some examples to serve as a guide.  

Here's what to do.

Write out your salvation story.
Write out your salvation story. Begin by answering the following questions:
  • What was life like before you knew Jesus?
  • How did you come to know Jesus?
  • What difference has knowing Jesus made in your life?

Be sure to add an invitation at the end of your story. It could be as simple as “If you have questions about knowing Jesus, I’d love to have that conversation.”

While your full story of faith is significant, for this project we want to encourage you to be brief.

Click here to view written examples.
Use your camera phone to tell your story.
Consider filming yourself with a simple camera phone telling your story. Keep it to about one minute if you plan to post to Instagram and up to two minutes for Facebook.

Here are some video examples to show you how it’s done.
Below are some examples of photos with written stories.
Post to your own social media!
Now that content is complete your last action is to post to your own social media page/s. Be sure to post during high traffic time, when you know people will be scrolling. Posting options may include:
  • A photo with your written story (see below)
  • A video with a spoken or written invitation to reach out with questions about Jesus 
  • Both options on different platforms

**One final thing. Be sure tag us @hnwchurch and use the hashtag #mysalvationstory at the end of your posts so we can keep up with the excitement as people hear the good news of the Gospel through your story!

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