Scattered Church

At least one HNW Life Group created a "scattered church" experience in their cul-de-sac this past weekend. Kacie Ticer explains: "A few weeks ago, Ben and I began kicking around the idea of pulling our Life Group together for a worship service. When Pastor Steve encouraged the church to begin gathering in small groups outdoors, we envisioned what that would look like and how it would give us an opportunity to invite the folks on our street."

The group pulled together a "dry run" on August 23. Kacie said the main issue they encountered was being able to see the service well using a projector/screen set-up. They plan to try TVs outdoors for this next Sunday, but overall, it was a great experience.

The kids in the group all wore their Promotion Sunday t-shirts and enjoyed activities. The adults were able to sing together, listen together, discuss the sermon after and enjoy just being together. In future weeks they may look for a way to show the preschool and K-3 worship for the kids while the adults engage in the main worship service.

Brittiny Eiben said, "We know even when the church moves to [the yellow phase] there will be people uncomfortable attending, so this could be an option as well as a great way to invite neighbors and friends who maybe wouldn't join formal worship but love a ‘tailgate church’ idea."

Kacie said they plan to invite their neighbors to join, too. She said, "I don't know what the Lord has planned for our ‘cul-de-sac church,’ but my hope is that we’ll have a cul-de-sac full of people getting to hear about the Lord. At the very least, it may stir up conversations."

Group member Sarah Spitser said, "I would encourage anyone to get with their community and just take the leap. What we did this weekend was nothing innovative or new in the history of Christianity. Many believers have done what we did with far less. God isn’t limited to a building. He isn’t trapped inside a sanctuary. Worship can occur anywhere, even in a driveway with lawn chairs and a projector."
Photo by S. Delp
Photographs provided by Brittiny Eiben and Sarah Delp.