Making an Impact in Kenya

Making an Impact in Kenya

Schools are closed in Kenya until 2021. This reality of COVID-19 has taken a toll on students in Kajiado, who have been out of school since mid-March. As many students are left without direction or guidance, high pregnancy rates and early marriage are on the rise. One of HNW's ministry partners in the area, Il'laramatak Community Concerns, led by Agnes Leina, is confronting these challenges. They recently hosted a three-day workshop to encourage boys and girls of the community and their parents to value their future and consider the decisions they are making. More than 300 girls attended, and the focus was on life skills, COVID-19 precautions and health-related talks. Food was distributed to attendees. Earlier this year, HNW helped supply food to 3,000 individuals in Kajiado.

Going forward, the women at the sewing center in Kajiado, which HNW supported a few years ago, will help mentor and provide sewing classes to some of the girls. Parents will meet regularly to encourage one another. Il’laramatak is organizing a social gathering for boys and girls of the community.

While HNW teams are unable to travel to Kenya right now, there IS an open door to virtual domain engagement. If you're interested in getting involved with our ministry partners in Africa, email for more information.

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