Welcome Kendall Chapman

Join us in welcoming Kendall Chapman to HNW's staff as the newest member of the Worship Arts Ministry. Kendall came to HNW through Tyler, our new Student Minister. "It was kind of a few random, crazy connections that got us both here." Kendall and Tyler both worked at a summer camp that partners with churches to put on a program for elementary aged kids (they were assigned to HNW this summer!) Through connections from this camp, Tyler was recommended to HNW and during the the interview process Kendalls interest in worship came up. "It was kind of wild because, unbeknownst to either of us, the church was about to make some big moves in the worship department and so my desire to do worship ministry was exciting to hear." During her interview, Kendall was encouraged by the kind of leadership in place here at HNW. She felt the Lord’s hand was bringing both of them here!

Kendall's family lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Her dad grew up in Tomball with his folks who still live there. This is the closest I have ever lived to them, and it has already been really sweet getting time with them. They are really strong believers and always have so much wisdom to pour into me! Kendall was raised in the church and has always had a desire to go into ministry.

We look forward to having Kendall on staff here. Please be sure and show her a warm welcome when you see her around!