Meet Christine McKnight

Christine McKnight has attended HNW for 10 years and has served on the Kids First Impressions Team for the last nine years. She continues to serve because of the life-changing impact she knows firsthand that kids ministry can have for families.

At a young age, McKnight lived in Iceland with her family because her father was in the Air Force.

“[My parents] both knew the Lord, but they were not living for the Lord. We were stationed in Iceland. My mom had three kids all under the age of 5. She kind of came to the realization that ‘We can’t do this on our own; we really need to get back into church. We need support in raising our kids,’” McKnight said.

However, McKnight said her family was not greeted well the first Sunday.

“[My mom] had a bad experience with a greeter. A nursery worker saw her coming with three kids all under the age of 5 and—maybe they were busy that day, maybe it had been a rough morning—she kind of rolled her eyes, and so my mom told me she just wanted to turn around and leave,” McKnight said.

But she said with few choices for church in Iceland, her family continued attending that church and it became life-changing.

“That’s when my parents got back into church, and I was privileged to be raised in a Christian family and a Christian home. That was the turning point for my parents to get their life back on track and serve the Lord,” McKnight said.

McKnight said she continues serving to encourage families like hers.

“When I see all the different families come in, especially like a mom with her kids… I think of my mom, and I just want to be that friendly face that encourages people… to come back – because [church] changed my life, my brothers’ lives, like our whole trajectory,” she said. “Sometimes all we need is somebody standing there and smiling and showing people where to go.”

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