Rebuilding HNW Church | 10.5.2017

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we move through a very significant transition in our church. We are working through countless decisions that are not only important for today but also for our distant future. All decisions made take a lot of prayer, discernment, and wisdom. Each building will be used accordingly and much of the way do ministry will look different for a while. We need your prayers and encouragement during this time. Even through the devastation of our facilities we are still passionately focused on – “Making Houston More Like Heaven by Helping Houstonians Become More Like Jesus.” The World is watching how we rebuild our church. Let’s do this, together and with a Spirit of unity. We need you. More importantly, we need Jesus. 

In the mean time, here are some FAQs that we hope will answer questions you may have. Click Here if you have a question about rebuilding HNW that you’d like for us to answer.

What's the plan for #Harvey Distribution & Long-term Relief?

We are no longer a distribution location; we have begun directing inquiries that we get regarding truckloads of supplies, to our ministry partners who are providing distribution services for the long-term.

Just a reminder that we are no longer servicing individuals so if an individual is asking for supplies please refer them to the list of locations we have in welovehou.com.

We will also begin working as a premier partner with World Vision in providing building supplies to people in need, however right now we don’t know what that will look like exactly; more information will be shared as we have it.

Where will kids be on Sunday mornings? | 249 Building

The 249 Building will be open for kids (Infants-5th Grade) this Sunday! Parents please use the entrance on the WEST side of the 249 building. Our special needs and My Place rooms will be located in W100 – the room behind the Worship Center. For Nursing Moms – we have two locations for you to use – 1. in the East Green Room of the Worship Center (enter through double doors to the right of the stage) 2. in the Nursery inside of 249 North. We are so excited to have this space for our kids and hope you’ll join us Sunday as we welcome kids to their new space.

We also have three 11-passenger shuttles that will be used to shuttle parents & kids from the 249 Bldg. to the Worship Center. At this point, these shuttles are specifically designated to be used ONLY for Kids Ministry pick-up/drop-off. There will be two designated shuttle pick-up/drop-off locations – please look for the HNW Kids Shuttle Service signs at these locations: (view a campus map)

  • The far west side of the 249 Bldg.
  • In front of the Worship Center.

Please keep in mind that at this point the 249 building will only be used for Kids & Preschool and we will not be allowing any other weekly ministry activities to happen in this building until further notice.

What about students - 6th-12th Grade?

The students are meeting on Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center. They are partnering with other churches for what is being called “Sunday Night Lights.” Currently we have students from the Brooke Church, the Metropolitan Church and Crossover Bible Fellowship joining our students on Sunday nights. The student Life Groups will begin meeting on Wednesday nights in area homes in October.

Why does the Kids Building need to come down?

There are several factors at play: Structural damage that was discovered after the flood, termite damage that was discovered after the flood, drainage issues that need to be addressed by a Civil Engineer, electrical and plumbing issues, along with the knowledge that the building was not large enough to accommodate our growing Kids Ministry.

Is the Lord calling us to build a new Kids Building?

It moves up the timeline by about a year, and it changes our original thoughts, but will allow us opportunity to think creatively about our space.

How does a new Kids Building tie into our need to expand our kids space?

We believe the answer to this is yes.

Is the Kids Building the original HNW sanctuary?

Yes, it is.  We hope to preserve that part of the building, but do not know yet if that will be possible.

Are the Kids Building and Administration Building two separate buildings?

These buildings are connected but are indeed two separate buildings. The oldest building is the Kids Building which was built in 1974 and the Administration Building was built in 1980.

What are we getting from our flood insurance?

We anticipate receiving payment from our insurance policy, however we do not know what that amount will be at this time.

What would a new Kids Building cost?

We do not know. Current commercial construction costs are estimated at $200/square foot. We anticipate needing to build between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet.

Who are we working with on this project?

Kirksey Architecture is doing preliminary work.

We had a kitchen in the old building, will there be one in the new building?

At this point we really don’t know, however our hope is to include a kitchen in the new building.

How long will this take?

Best guess: two years.

What will we do in the interim?

We will continue to improve the 249 Building so that it becomes an even better space for our kids. If/when that space reaches capacity, we will look for creative solutions to use in the interim during construction.

Church offices will be relocated to The Lodge (formerly the New Life building) and a modular building that will be connected to The Lodge via a decked walkway.