Parent / Child Commitment

When you consider the miracle of new life, you realize that your child is indeed a gift from God.

What is Parent/Child Commitment?

Parent/Child Commitment is a time for HNW members to publicly commit themselves to the godly rearing of their child.

An increasing awareness of the awesome responsibility of rearing a child makes it most fitting for parents to publicly commit themselves to the godly rearing of their child. There are two times during the year, when we set aside a special time during both worship services for Parent/Child Commitment.

This is a special time for you as parents to commit yourselves to seek God’s guidance in being a godly example to your child, to teach your child about God in the home and to faithfully bring your child to church as (s)he grows up. 

Why participate in Parent/Child Commitment?

Our church encourages parent to make this lifelong commitment. First, it will be a strength to you to make a public commitment. Second, it is a witness to other parents.
It is our prayer that the experience of Parent/Child Commitment will be an inspiration to you as parents in the years ahead as you begin to lay the foundations of faith in your child’s life.

Special Notes for Babies:

  1. It may be helpful to bring a bottle or pacifier in case your baby gets restless during the service.
  2. If you are participating in the 10:30 a.m. worship service and your baby attends a preschool class at 9 a.m., please let the teachers know you are participating in the 10:30 a.m. Parent/Child Commitment Service. The teachers will then prepare your baby for the service by feeding and making a diaper change, as needed. Teachers will also be happy to dress your baby in any special clothes you bring for the service.

Registration Information

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Our next Parent/Child Commitment is on Sunday, November 10, 2019 with a special dinner for participating families on Wednesday, November 6.

Registration coming soon. (Parents must be members of Houston Northwest Church to participate.)

e. [email protected]
p. 281.469.3389, Ext. 157