OVERFLOW | Him // Us // Houston

5 Week Sermon Series // Beginning Feb 4

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, I saw that more clearly than ever. Hundreds—if not thousands—of people covered our campus in the wake of one of the darkest seasons of the life of our city. They came because HNW was offering hope—hope in the form of love, service, relief, laundry, and food. They came because we served in the name of Jesus. That’s why our community needs HNW. They need the Jesus we proclaim. They need his love. They need his grace.

They need his overflow.

It will be a time when we remember the overflow the Lord has poured out on us, and it will be a time for us to consider how we might overflow ourselves. We need to overflow, because as I already said, our community needs HNW. That’s why we must rebuild—so we can overflow onto our community. New and remodeled facilities will simply be a tool of overflow; they will simply be a place where we can pour out the grace of God onto the community desperately in need of Him. And that’s why I want to invite you to be part of Overflow. Every single one of us needs to recognize our call to experience God’s overflowing grace. We need to know that He has poured onto us so that we might overflow onto others.

The next two years will be a defining watershed in the life of HNW. I truly believe we will look back on this season as a moment where the Lord made us into the church He wanted us to be.

That’s why each of us needs to decide that we, too, want to overflow. This will be the season in which we clarify our call to love this community. This will be the season when we each decide how we will contribute to the future God is calling us toward. This will be the season when we examine our generosity.

This is the time for us to overflow, HNW, and I want you to join me.

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Steve

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