No Coincidences

In October 2018, Ben Joiner arrived on the HNW scene. Ben is a superintendent for E.E. Reed, the general contractor for our Kids Building construction project. He has become a familiar face during the weekdays, and we have come to love and respect him as one of our own. Ben told us he has been impacted by his time at HNW. Here is his story…

I arrived at this project because the superintendent who was set to supervise construction here fell ill and needed a week or so to recuperate. I was asked to relieve him until his return. A week passed and I got a call from the owner of E.E. Reed notifying me that the assigned superintendent had resigned due to a serious illness. I was stunned. He asked if I would take over this project and build it. I normally specialize in a very different type of construction, but I was up for the challenge, so I agreed. I had been at HNW Church 12 or 13 years prior. I was between projects back then and had a few weeks, so I came over to build out the W100 space on the back of the Worship Center. I knew Dwight Davis and Dan Worrell from that experience, so taking this project over seemed like a good fit. [I’ve more recently learned that the original superintendent for this project has fully recovered. Good news.]

During my time on this project, I’ve experienced all sorts of “coincidences” as I call them. I actually see them as obvious influences and effects that I believe have come straight from God. Take the cross, for example. As the steel superstructure for the cross was being erected on the front of the building, I was taken by the way it looked as it was going up. The rig strained to tilt it into place. As I stood there alone observing, I got a lump in my throat while trying to imagine how Jesus’ cross was tilted into place so long ago without the aid of today’s technology. The cross slowly moved into position until it stood tall. I thought, “Well, now it’s finished.” “It’s finished” kept going through my mind even though I knew full well we had many weeks of construction to follow the erection of this superstructure. It wasn’t even near completion. Later that evening I realized why “It is finished” kept ringing in my head. It’s what Jesus said just before he died on the cross. What a coincidence.

There have been so many examples of these coincidences I could write a short story about them. The thing is, you never know when or how the hand of the Lord will affect you and those in your life. I think the Lord brought me to this church for a reason, and I hope I’ve done Him proud in assisting the rebuilding of this great place of worship, fellowship and community involvement. After all, my last name is Joiner which translates roughly to “carpenter” in French. God’s only Son was a carpenter, too … another coincidence.

Our new Kids Building is opening soon! How can you use your gifts to serve?


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