Becoming a Member at HNW

To be a member of HNW you must first be a Christian who has been scripturally baptized and you must attend our new member’s class. You may join by a “statement” of your faith or by moving your membership “letter” from another Baptist church. If you have not yet followed Jesus’ example in scriptural baptism, you can email us or call the church office at 281.469.3389.

Baptism at HNW

Have you discovered what life in Jesus Christ is all about? If so, then the next step in your spiritual journey is baptism. At HNW baptism by immersion is required for church membership. Each month we have a baptism class for adults and a class for our kids & students. These classes are for those who have a desire to be baptized or for those who would like to learn more about baptism. In this class, you will gain insight on what baptism is and what it is not. If you are considering baptism at HNW, these classes are required before your baptism can be scheduled. If you would like to speak with someone about our next class or have questions, then please send us an email.

Membership at HNW

We understand that many who attend HNW and are plugged into our various ministries consider HNW their church home and thus, consider themselves members.

We love that you feel at home here, but membership at Houston Northwest Church is actually a little more involved than that. We think it’s important that members agree to support who we are and what we believe while also letting us get to know them.

Membership in a church is not like Sam’s Club. It’s more like being a family member. You can expect certain things from the church and certain things are expected of you. This mutual commitment really is a beautiful relationship!

Because membership is an important step of commitment, you may want to contact Karen Stamps at [email protected] for beginning connection steps before registering for the membership class.

Membership Class at HNW

To become a member of HNW, you’ll need to attend our membership class which occurs on the third Sunday of each month from 9 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. in room A104 of the adult building.

We’ll go over what we believe, share why our church does things the way we do and explore how members fit into the picture. You’ll also get a chance to share some of your story and meet others who are new to HNW.

Click Here to view class dates and register for the class date of your choice.