Life Remodeled: ‘There’s growth in vulnerability’ By Anna Lotz

Ben and Kacie Ticer spent three years with an unfinished kitchen floor. With homes around Houston ravaged by floodwaters—yet their home untouched—the Ticers were hesitant to speak of their own need, a result of foundation issues.

“When we had the money to do it, we didn’t have the time,” Kacie said.

Last December, Ben said members of the couple’s Life Group noticed the Ticer’s undone floor and volunteered to help, spending all-nighters laying the tile floor, painting kitchen cabinets and doing other projects while Kacie was away visiting a friend in June.

“They just did a really good job of showing Christ’s love and the Church to us. We didn’t flood through Harvey, we didn’t flood in the tax day flood,” Ben said. “So it was kind of overwhelming to have this done when we weren’t in great need. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t look at the floor and think of those times with everybody.”

The kitchen remodel was the bright spot in a year colored by a mother’s declining health, news of infertility and other challenges, Kacie said.

“I would look at the house and I would sit there on the couch, and I would just think, ‘We’re never going to have a kid. We’re never going to get to adopt. We’re never going to get to foster because we’re never going to pass a house test. Our house is a construction zone,’” she said. “So when I got home and I see the tiles laid down and the cabinets were even painted, I was flabbergasted. But all I could hear is the Lord saying, ‘Kacie, I got it. I took care of that hurdle.’”

As such, Kacie said the community found in a Life Group goes far beyond home improvements.

“There’s growth in vulnerability, and when you’re open and are transparent with the people around you, that’s when you really start to grow and see God moving and working in your life and in other people’s lives,” she said.


  1. Proud of my church HNW and life group for stepping up to help Kacie and Ben. Praying God will continue to bless them, so they can continue blessing others!

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