Life Groups

What is an HNW Adult Life Group?

Life Groups are off-campus gatherings where we love one another as spiritual family. Loving one another happens in different ways as defined in the Bible. As Christ followers we are told to pray for one another, teach one another, serve one another, encourage one another, bear one another’s burdens, etc. Jesus prayed that His followers would have unity with each other. In Life Groups we pursue and strengthen this unity by practicing a type of community that can only be found in Christ!

As people grow in Life Groups, the way they interact with others and the world changes. As they start to look more like Jesus, our community starts to look more like Heaven!

Finding a Life Group

Thanks for showing interest in Life Groups here at HNW! This Summer our Life Groups’ schedules are really diverse, from not meeting all summer, to meeting monthly (or less), to meeting as normal. Due to this overall inconsistency, we’re encouraging people to connect via our HNW Essentials classes, Equipping Classes, and monthly church-wide gatherings (June 21, July 13, August 16). As Summer comes to a close, Life Groups will step back into their normal rhythms and it will be easier to plug in. We also have a Group Connect scheduled for Sunday, September 10 where we will teach on the vision and philosophy of Life Groups before releasing people to meet different group leaders and hosts with whom they might connect.

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