Spiritual Gifts

Did you know that when a person comes to faith in Jesus for salvation that they are sealed and indwelled by the Holy Spirit? By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit gifts each believer with spiritual gifts. These Spiritual Gifts are meant to glorify Jesus and build up the Church (God’s people). Spiritual gifts are supernaturally given and, when used in faith for God’s purposes, produce supernatural effects. Every believer has at least one of the gifts. We are not guaranteed a certain number or mix of gifts. Sometimes these gifts correlate to natural talents someone always had but sometimes they are new abilities that the person showed no signs of before trusting in Christ and being born again.

If you have trusted Jesus for salvation but have never looked into what your spiritual gifts may be, we’d love to help you discover them and use them for God’s glory!

The first thing to do is to pray. Pray that God might give you an understanding of what your gift(s) may be and how you might use them. You can also Click Here to read through the list of gifts and their descriptions for a better understanding of the gifts and what they mean.

Spiritual Gift assessments are also helpful tools that can show where your gifting may be.

Click Here to take a Spiritual Gift assessment.