Nah…I’m Good

Seven-Week Sermon Series Beginning April 23!

For some reason, we often instinctively refuse assistance, even the sort of assistance we truly need. We are the sorts of people who examine our own lives and reactively declare we don’t need anything. For many of us, “Nah, I’m good,” is our knee-jerk reaction to anyone who attempts to help us out in any way. Maybe we think we don’t actually *need* help. Or maybe we don’t want to be thought of as a bother. Or maybe we are afraid those offering help might be horrified if they discovered just how messy we actually are.

The great news for each of us is that the Bible testifies to God being our ultimate Helper. He extends help and grabs us in our need, giving us the grace of forgiveness *and* the grace to change. Join us as we explore the mystery of being made good by Jesus both into eternity and in our present situations.