Tested | A Walk Through 1st Peter

Ten-Week Sermon Series Beginning June 11!

At times, faith feels perfect. Your prayers are answered; life is smooth; things are going well. But then? The tough stuff comes along. You get a difficult diagnosis. You lose your job. Your family struggles. Your kids rebel. Your friends betray you. Your finances fall apart. Or sometimes the world itself experiences a shift, and your faith is suddenly more different from the world than ever before. What do you do when your past theological answers suddenly seem cliched? What do you do when following Jesus is increasingly odd? How do you respond when it’s no longer easy to be a Christian?

What do you do when your faith is tested?

The apostle Peter wrote a letter to Christians in just that situation. Their faith was under strain, and they were struggling to figure out what to do. Join us as we explore 1 Peter, and we discover what to do when our faith is tested.