Bold Love | Sermon Series

Christians are different. They think differently. They act differently. Being a Christian means living in the midst of a culture that often is confused about what you believe.

How should Christians respond when they find themselves in the midst of cultural confusion? Should we accept the culture and incorporate it into our lives? Should we attack the culture and attempt to build something separate? Should we hide from the culture and pretend that it does not exist?

2500 years ago, a group of young men were taken into captivity. They were educated into a foreign culture. They were taken away from their families and everything familiar. They leaned on one another and the things they had been taught as children. Their faith was at the center of it all. The Bible tells us the story of Daniel and his friends. Somehow, despite it all, they found a way to be different and bold in their love of the new culture.

Join us as we walk through Daniel for six weeks and discover principles we can take from his journey of bold love.

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