Come Learn With Us!  New Semester of Classes Beginning April 23

Equipping Classes meet on the HNW campus and exist to teach you biblical knowledge and/or skills for life in this world as a follower of Christ. The focus of these classes is not on building community (though that will happen) but on educating and training for life and ministry. We want people to know what God’s Word says and how the Bible shapes their approach to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Equipping Classes last?
Equipping Classes range from 4-13 weeks, depending on the subject. Options will be blocked by “semesters” – Spring, Summer, and Fall: roughly Feb-Apr, Jun-Aug, and Sept-Nov, respectively.

What types of classes are offered?
Subjects range from doctrine to “Basics for New Believers” to “Science and the Bible” to parenting to spiritual growth to finances to “HNW Essentials” to marriage to disciple making to books of the Bible. A wide variety of subjects give us opportunity to equip the body in many ways!

What if I don’t attend an Equipping Class that lasts all semester?
We would encourage you to take multiple classes to total 12-13 weeks OR take time to serve in another ministry of the church.

Who can attend an Equipping Class?
Equipping Classes are for any adult wanting to grow in their knowledge, skills, or disciplines. Most classes will not be determined by adult life stage, so anyone (singles, marrieds, younger, older) is welcome to attend any class.

*A few select classes may be men, women, or couples only.

Where do I find community if not in an Equipping Class?
While there will be some community happening in Equipping Classes, that is not their primary focus. Community and body life (where the members of this local body are more personally encouraged and deeply challenged) happen in Life Groups. Our Life Groups meet off campus throughout the week. There will also be regular gatherings for sections of the church (singles, young marrieds, men, women, empty nesters, etc.) to get together and celebrate what God is doing in their lives.

8 a.m. Classes
  • The Gospel of Matthew | Room W100 | Various Leaders
    This Bible study will take participants into the context of God’s Word and challenge them to live it out in their own context while going through selections from the book of Matthew.
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9 a.m. Classes
  • HNW Essentials Classes | 1st-3rd Sundays of Every Month | Room A104 | Led by Roy Fletcher & Spencer Benkendorf
    Explore HNW’s Core Beliefs (First Sunday), Practices (Second Sunday), and Values (Third Sunday) over 3 weeks. Everyone at HNW can benefit from understanding the ins and outs of these essentials. They can be taken in any order and cycle back through every month. If anyone is wanting to become a member of HNW, they will need to take these Essentials classes first, but all are encouraged to take them.
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  • Baptism Class | 1st Sunday of Every Month | Room A102 | Led by Pastor Alan Bugg
    This class is for adults who have a desire to be baptized or for adults who would like to learn more about baptism. In this class you will gain insight on what baptism is and what it is not. If you are considering baptism at HNW, this class is required before your baptism can be scheduled.
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  • Spiritual Gifts | 4th Sunday of Every Month | Room A102 | Led by Various Pastors
    When a person trusts by faith in Christ for salvation they are sealed in the Holy Spirit! This means that we can be assured of our salvation but also means the Holy Spirit indwells us and empowers us to glorify God. One of the ways He equips us to glorify God is by giving us spiritual gifts. These gifts may spring from abilities or talents you’ve always had or be something entirely new! No matter which gifts you have, ALL of them are to be used to build up the body of Christ and bring Him glory. In this class, we’ll talk about the gifts and help you discover which one(s) you may have. We’ll also help you understand HOW you can use them to build up the church.
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  • Parenting and Technology | 6 Weeks | Room A103 | Led by Mike Whiddon
    Social media, apps, the internet, and media in general can be an overwhelming battleground for parents trying to protect their kids and point them to Jesus. This class aims to educate and encourage you with the information you need to move forward as you raise your kids to follow Christ in the digital age.
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  • Intro to Systematic Theology Part I | 10 Weeks | Room A211B | Led by Matt Delp
    This in-depth study covers various doctrines and beliefs of the Christian faith including subjects such as the Bible, the Godhead, mankind, and salvation. Part 2 will be offered in the summer term, following this course.
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  • Biblical Worldview | 10 Weeks | Room A211C | Led by Andrew Harville
    Wherever we go, we are confronted with views from the world that contradict or attempt to alter the truth of the Bible. With a Biblical worldview you can better understand society in order to engage it for God’s Kingdom. This class will help you learn how to identify and communicate the differences between what the Bible says and what culture may believe.
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  • Financial Peace University | Room A215 | Led by Jonathan Sanders
    When it comes to managing money, Financial Peace University (FPU) will teach you how to: become debt free (pay off your credit cards, car loans, mortgage, and student loans), prepare for the future (financial emergencies and retirement), and create a budget that actually works for you AND your spouse! The cost is $99 per household (singles, engaged couples, or marrieds) and scholarships are available.
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  • The Gospel of Matthew | Room W100 | Various Leaders
    This Bible study will take participants into the context of God’s Word and challenge them to live it out in their own context while going through selections from the book of Matthew.
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10:45 a.m. Classes
  • HNW Essentials Classes | 1st-3rd Sundays of Every Month | Room A104 | Led by Stan Parker
    We will offer classes on Sunday mornings to help you learn more about who we are, what we believe, and what we value. HNW Essentials classes will be offered on the first, second and third Sundays of each month. You do not have to take them in any specific order. If you are considering membership with HNW, these classes are required.
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  • 1st & 2nd Timothy | Room A211A | Led by Bill Roberts
    This class will dive into Paul’s letters to Timothy, chapter by chapter, to gain better understanding of God’s Word. Explore the context of the original writings and uncover the timeless truths that you can apply today!
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  • Basics of Biblical Counseling | Room A211B | Led by Marilyn Maddox, M.A.
    This class covers both practical techniques and scriptural foundations to come alongside hurting people and point them to who they are in Christ. Biblical counseling is not about having all the answers or having the power to change other’s circumstances.  It is walking with those who hurt and sharing with them the hope that comes only through Jesus. This class is required if you are interested in volunteering as a lay counselor at HNW, but is also a great opportunity for ANYONE to be equipped as a messenger of hope in a hurting world.
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  • Stories of Courage | Women’s Class | Room A211C | Led by Amy Sheehan
    Where does courage come from?  How do we express courage as we live out our faith before others?  Is everyone called to be courageous?  This class investigates the lives of 8 Bible characters tying together common characteristics of godly courage, teaching how to recognize it, and challenging you to expand your own capacity for faith and courage in life.
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  • The Holy Spirit | Room A215 | Led by Stuart Sheehan & Earl Hudspeth
    A study of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in the world, in general, and in the life of the believer, specifically.
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  • Worship: A Study of What Pleases the Lord | Room W100 | Led by Damon & Stephanie Richmond w/Pastors Shawn Myers & Matt Tipton
    In this class, using a rich source of Hebrew and Greek we will learn what pleases the Lord and how to acclaim the Lord through practical Biblical examples and principles of worship.
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