Due to the flooding HNW experienced during Hurricane Harvey, Equipping Classes have been postponed until further notice.

Equipping Classes meet on the HNW campus and exist to teach you biblical knowledge and/or skills for life in this world as a follower of Christ. The focus of these classes is not on building community (though that will happen) but on educating and training for life and ministry. We want people to know what God’s Word says and how the Bible shapes their approach to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Equipping Classes last?
Equipping Classes range from 4-13 weeks, depending on the subject. Options will be blocked by “semesters” – Spring, Summer, and Fall: roughly Feb-Apr, Jun-Aug, and Sept-Nov, respectively.

What types of classes are offered?
Subjects range from doctrine to “Basics for New Believers” to “Science and the Bible” to parenting to spiritual growth to finances to “HNW Essentials” to marriage to disciple making to books of the Bible. A wide variety of subjects give us opportunity to equip the body in many ways!

What if I don’t attend an Equipping Class that lasts all semester?
We would encourage you to take multiple classes to total 12-13 weeks OR take time to serve in another ministry of the church.

Who can attend an Equipping Class?
Equipping Classes are for any adult wanting to grow in their knowledge, skills, or disciplines. Most classes will not be determined by adult life stage, so anyone (singles, marrieds, younger, older) is welcome to attend any class.

*A few select classes may be men, women, or couples only.

Where do I find community if not in an Equipping Class?
While there will be some community happening in Equipping Classes, that is not their primary focus. Community and body life (where the members of this local body are more personally encouraged and deeply challenged) happen in Life Groups. Our Life Groups meet off campus throughout the week. There will also be regular gatherings for sections of the church (singles, young marrieds, men, women, empty nesters, etc.) to get together and celebrate what God is doing in their lives.

8 a.m. Classes
  • No classes at this time.
9 a.m. Classes
  • No classes at this time.
10:45 a.m. Classes
  • No classes at this time.


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