RECLAIMED: The Story of Ruth

New Series Beginning: Sunday, November 26 (9 a.m. and 11 a.m.) in the Worship Center

Ever feel like you’re out of options? Like you peaked too early or missed your shot? Or even like you’ve been discarded?

It’s pretty common to feel overwhelmed or burned out by the world. We feel, either by our own choices or the hand we’ve been dealt, that we’re just done… longing for a do over. God has a message for those who feel used up. The overarching story of the Bible is about God reclaiming what seemed lost. It’s a message that God can give purpose to what others see as useless. One of the stories from the Bible—the story of Ruth—is all about this kind of reclaiming. Her story is your story. Her story is our story. Her story is the story of all of us.

Join us this Advent season as we discover how God reclaimed Ruth, allowing her to reclaim hope, peace, joy, and love. And find out how He wants to reclaim you, too.

Katie Jones
[email protected]

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