Embrace The Journey

I voted last week. I don’t think that your faith requires you to vote, but I’ve long believed that if my governmental system is one of popular democracy driven by the participation of the citizenry, then I ought to do so.

This was the most difficult Presidential election season I’ve witnessed. The rhetoric bordered on absurd at times, and, frankly, I did not see either candidate as one I wanted to vote for. I was frustrated with the policy positions of both major party candidates on various issues, and I was also unconvinced either candidate would be able to unify our nation toward governing after the election. On top of that, last week I read that there are some predictive scenarios in which neither candidate receives enough electoral votes and the Presidency is decided by the House. Can you imagine if that happens? Wild!

Have I mentioned lately that I’m on a vegan diet?

That’s right. I have. I mention it daily. Or hourly.

Right now I’m eating all the right things, exercising as often as I can, and taking more medications than a man my age ought to have to take (in my humble opinion). I’m getting really good at making smoothies out of things like baby spinach and chia seeds, but my yearning for a Whataburger Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit may also be at an all time high.

What does that have to do with politics?


But both situations—our national politics and my personal health nonsense—are both reminders that we are finite creatures with a limited amount of control. Charles Spurgeon once said that we ought to receive our circumstances as if they are “directly from God’s good hand.” His point is clear: God allows us to walk certain roads because He believes they are best for us and because they can be used to point people back to Him.

I don’t pretend to understand our circumstances—nationally or personally. I do, however, know that the Scripture declares our God to be good. I also know that the Bible says my God sees us, knows us, loves us, and provides for us.

One of our church members recently exhorted me to, “Embrace the journey!”

I think the beauty of being a Christian is knowing that no matter who our next President is and no matter what our personal circumstances are, Jesus is still King.

I’ll say that again: Jesus is still King.

If you truly believe it, you don’t have to be afraid.

Let’s reject fear, embrace bold love, and let’s trust the King.

Dr. Steve Bezner
e. [email protected]